Web Strategy & Development For Startups

Coming-Soon Pages

You don't have to wait to find out what potential customers think of your ideas or to begin building a potential client list. We create simple coming-soon and landing pages that can collect the user information you're interested in -- everything from email addresses and sign-up forms to full user profiles. And after you've validated someone's interest, why not get a little more information through the use of simple survey or social-sharing pages?

Here's a simple example of how a startup in Denver, Colorado used a landing page to gather information from potential clients of its innovative sales forecasting and operations planning service.


  • Quickly determine whether your idea has traction before spending on Web development.
  • Gather valuable information from potential and current customers that will help you develop, market and sell your idea.
  • Increase visibility through social sharing.
  • Use the data you collect as you wish.


  • Data collection on the front page
  • Survey data collection on a second page, or social sharing on a second page
  • Email notifications of new signups
  • Administrative area to view the information you collect
  • Optional use of a subdomain so you don't have to buy a domain
  • Fixed price